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Original painting or print – 11 x 14

See About The Artist for Artist Statement and more information about the artist.

"Heaven On Earth" by Sara

  • Student Artist: Sara

    Artist Statement:

    My painting is a painting of a footpath covered with autumn tree leaves. Autumn trees are beautiful and full of colors. I personally have always been attracted to nature, especially different trees. I have always loved climbing on trees and seeing the surroundings sitting at one of the branches of the tree. I have never experienced such a scene that I have painted, but would really love to experience such a scene and enjoy my moments.

    There is a very unique diversity of colors among autumn trees which really attracts me. Also, the different colors and nature remind me of how a wonderful artist God is and how wonderfully He has created everything around us. Nature always reveals God’s creativity and His glory to me which makes me fall in love with God’s creation even more.

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