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  • Students must score at least 145 out of 200 possible points on each of the four sections to get a GED certificate. There is no provision for combining all section scores to obtain a “passing average.”

  • Students can attempt scores higher than the 145 passing score and earn exemption from college placement tests and remediation courses in college, and even earn college credit hours. Registering for, scheduling, and taking the GED test is done via computer.

  • The GED test is available in both English and Spanish.

  • The test is administered in India at various testing centers for an additional fee outside of the Bridges Academy fees. 

Why The GED?

We utilize the GED prep material and curriculum for our core subjects due to the transitory nature of the refugee life. This test allows them the needed credentials to apply to a variety of colleges internationally.


The GED is used in the USA as a standardized test for individualized who did not graduate with a high school diploma.  It is recognized by nearly all  colleges in the U.S. and Canada and serves as a bench mark for acceptance. The following link shows additional colleges throughout the world that accept the GED test:

There are four subject area tests:

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts

  • Mathematical Reasoning

  • Social Studies

  • Science


In addition to the GED prep, our students are prepared for the National Institute of Open Schooling Test for the 10th grade and 12th grade testing periods.  These are the Indian qualifying exams for university. 

GED Test Study tools 


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