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Bridges Academy

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Based on our research in 2016, we specifically identified Afghan diaspora in India as a group that is unable to effectively engage with the Indian public school system due to their transitory nature.  Education was one of the top needs that was highlighted during our interview process of multiple family groups. One of the primary reasons that Afghans leave their home country is for the hope of a better future for their children.  As they seek to integrate into the Indian culture or they plan to move elsewhere, our program literally serves as a bridge, preparing the students to transition to their next
educational goal.
Teachers and Staff 
Our teachers are college graduates from India and experienced administrative staff.  Additionally, we have Western volunteers who teach, intern, and assist in the operations of the school. The staff are also being trained in the basics of trauma counseling so they can better serve the Afghan refugee community.  This helps us to address the complicated and difficult issues that come with being a refugee.
Mission and Vision

We are committed to providing quality education for Afghan refugee teenagers based in New Delhi, India.  We prepare them for the GED and NIOS tests through a rigorous academic program.  



Bridges Academy is a program run under the Indian registered trust Transerve Educational Foundation.

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