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Beyond Academics

We strive to make our academics go beyond the classroom, to impact and change the entire individual.  We seek to challenge the students to think deeper and more critically.  

Our school day goes from 8:30 am -2:00 pm.  This provides plenty of time for students to have extracurricular activities and fulfill family responsibilities.  Our staff is deeply committed to the students, some even giving their free time to invest more into their lives, opening up their homes to them, playing sports together and pouring into their overall development.  

At Bridges Academy it is so much more than just about the books and curriculum taught.  We care about the whole person and helping them and their families build towards a brighter future.  

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Visual Arts


Students with an interest in art are able to join our art classes at entry and advanced levels.  Our volunteer professional artist comes on a regular basis and takes students artistically to places that they never dreamed possible.

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Leadership Training


Students are able to join in our yearly leadership training.  Through a generous donor, the staff and students go out of town and have several days of instruction and reflection surrounding the topic of leadership.

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Students present their science

projects to staff and leadership.

Science Exhibition

The lessons from the leadership retreats are integrated into the culture of the school. Several of the students as a result of the training stepped into leadership roles.  One of the goals of the trainings is to create an atmosphere in the school of unity that does not divide by classes and grades, but rather builds towards a spirit of community amongst ages throughout the school.  

Classroom Discussions




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