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Bridges Academy - Still Going Strong Despite Circumstances

With the advent of COVID-19 Bridges Academy in Delhi, India underwent many changes. We were originally gearing up to graduate our first six graduates of the school on March 30. This grand event was to be followed by a three day retreat for the school staff. Four ex-pats were preparing to travel into Delhi to be part of the graduation and staff retreat, only to have our plans cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis that has made an impact in the most distant corners of our world.

By late March, the Indian government announced a three-week lockdown for the entire country, with a recent extension of this lockdown until May 17. The harshest effect of the lockdown was immediately felt on the day laborers and migrant workers that come to the major cities for their livelihood. With most of Bridges Academy's staff members living in South Delhi itself, they were all waiting to see how the situation would pan out.

By mid-April, we started making plans to switch our teaching to a virtual platform. With some technical help, our staff was able to make a smooth switch over to Google Classroom and have just begun these virtual sessions with the students. We plan to continue this mode of education until the end of May when the school takes the summer break during June. 

We appreciate your support for Bridges Academy, as it continues to create positive impact among the Afghan community in Delhi.

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